Who’s Had Their Buttons Pushed Lately? Dress Like A Mum!

For anyone who follows Dress Like A Mum on Instagram, you’ll know that mum of two Zoë is always smiling.  Always!  I don’t think I can remember a photo of her without a smile on her face.  For anyone who doesn’t know about Dress Like A Mum, it’s Zoë’s campaign to change the bad image of dressing like, well, like a mum!  Her plan is to change the bad rep and perception that mums can’t dress well; that mums automatically lose their sense of style and passion for fashion just because they have kids.  And because as we all know, we don’t!


So back to Zoë, I asked her what is it about being a mum that pushes her buttons, and I think I’ve discovered why she’s always smiling in her posts!

Mrs Baffled: Can you tell me a little about yourself?  Name, where you’re from and live?

Dress Like A Mum: Zoë de Pass.  From London, live in London (in Peckham).

MB: Zoe what can you tell me about your family?

DLAM: I have an amazing husband called Ben – who loves to cook and works with organic vegetables.  And two kids – a daughter aged 2 1/2  and a son aged 4 1/2.

MB: What did you do for a living before having a family?  And after if that changed?

DLAM: Before – I was Head of Insights at Spring studios where I worked on digital and brand strategies for luxury fashion and beauty brands.  Prior to that I was a Trend Forecaster.  After – I am a Parent/ Blogger/Influencer/Brand Consultant (busier!)

MB: I started blogging as a bit of therapy, after I discovered that having a toddler brings it’s own unique challenges!  What are your thoughts about how the toddler stage is?

DLAM: Busy – someone always needed something from me but at the same time they were so cute and funny, and the phase doesn’t last so I loved it.

MB: Does / did it make you smile, or maybe frustrate you?

DLAM: Smile!  Most things make me smile – especially my kids.

MN: Any particular moments stand out?

DLAM: I love that my kids now play together and love each other so much.  The two year age gap was hard at first but now it is great.

MB: Did they push your buttons more when you were tired or unhappy?

DLAM: The worst is when they are tired – they are different children and as soon as I remember the reason they are behaving like this, is because of tiredness, it is easier to deal with.

MB: What about the happy buttons they press, like pride or love?

DLAM: Love – I love them so so much it is unbelievable.

MB: Do you think the button pushing will change as they, and we, age?

DLAM: Yes I think so – my husband and I always joke about what they will be like as teenagers.  I have a feeling it won’t be easy…..

MB: I think I still push my mum’s buttons!  Do you think that’s just a parent / child, mother / daughter thing?

DLAM: I guess when you are close to someone you get more frustrated with them and you are more likely to tell them how they feel, parent or not.

MB: Zoë thank you so much for taking part in Who’s Had their Buttons Pushed Lately.  As a final word, do you have any advice for  parents who might be having their buttons pushed right now?

DLAM: Step back and remember ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’.


Well there’s the secret of all those lovely smiley photos – her family! 💙 If you’d like to know more about Dress Like A Mum you can follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, or simply click on the website here.


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