Who’s Had Their Buttons Pushed Lately?

Has your little one pushed your buttons lately?

It’s inevitable isn’t it when they simply insist on behaving like toddlers.  We have to stop and take a moment to remind ourselves: how else are toddlers going to behave?!  But it can still drive us mad and I think is a real cause of stress and anxiety for many parents.

The Interview Series

That’s the thing isn’t it: it’s happening to lots of parents – everywhere, everyday!  If you click on the category ‘Who’s Had Their Buttons Pushed Lately?‘ on the right hand side of the blog, you can read a series of interviews on this very subject!  Parents sharing what it is or was like having buttons pushed by toddlers and teens alike.

Do you have a story to share?

Why not get it out of your system and feel a little bit of stress lift as you share with others.  I know my stress has started to lessen since I started this blog.

If you’d like to share your button-pushing moments on here, please do email me your stories by sending them to  baffledandthebuttonpusher@gmail.com




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