ABCs: the toddler years

A’s for adorable, but sometimes for awful.

B is for bogeys and bouncing on beds.

C is for colds and coughing that’s constant.

D is for Duplo and “DON’T bang your head!”

E is for Elsa and bags full of energy.

F is for Frozen: they won’t let it go!

G is for Gruffalo, and grumpy when tired.

H is “Hurry!”, good grief they’re so slow!

I is for iPad (Dear Apple, I thank you).

J is for jumping in puddles of mud.

K is for keys, as in “where did you put them?”

L is for laughter but mostly for LOVE.

M is for “Mama, don’t worry, you got this.”

N is for nap time (so sad when they stop).

O is for over, as in life as you knew it.

P’s for poo and plastic-tat from toy-shops

Q is for Queen (Queen Elsa of course!).

R is for running, as in noses all day.

S is for shouting (it happens, don’t sweat it)

T is for tantrums, tiaras and trains.

U is for Uh-Oh! Good grief they’re so clumsy.

V is for “Victory!” if they try just one pea.

W’s for wine after “Why mummy? Why mummy?” 

X? Xylophone!  What else could it be?!

Y is for ‘yes day’ as in mama’s hungover. 

Z is for zero pounds left in the bank.

A is for Apple in old-fashioned versions, 

but a toddler wrote our list, and that toddler, I thank.


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