Ella & the iPhone

There once was a girl with a head full of curls,
who despite having cause to complain,
was happy and bright, she was quite the delight.
Would you like to know more?  I’ll explain:

see the girl lived at home, though she oft felt alone,
as her parents had long since passed on.
A step-mum existed, and two mean step-sisters,
but sisterly love?  There was none.

See the sisters were cruel, and the step-mother ruled,
and the girl, well, let’s call her Ella,
she would cook, she would clean, until everything gleamed
then they’d banish her off to the cellar!

How the step-sisters moaned, and the step-mother groaned
as they barked out their orders all day.
Oh they’d smile through a sneer, say “Ella you dear!
in that passive-agressive way.

But despite their mean ways, and their cruel turn of phrase
Ella would smile and just say,
“As you wish mother dear” and “my sisters don’t fear,
I’d be happy to help you today.”

See Ella was proud to have once made a vow
to the mum who had long since departed,
to be kind, to be good, do whatever she could
and to always remain open-hearted.

Then one day the sisters were talking in whispers
about a new boy at their school,
His house is enormous.” and “Oh my he’s gorgeous.
He’s handsome!  He’s wealthy!” they drooled.

Ella just smiled, the boy did seem nice,
she had also met him at school.
She thought it was funny that they cared ’bout his money,
though agreed that he seemed pretty cool.

He had sent out a text, and on Saturday next
he was having a party at home.
It said “Marty invites everyone for the night
But the sisters cried out “She can’t go!

She has nothing to wear!  And just look at her hair!
That invite isn’t for Ella!
Step-Mother agreed and told Ella she’d need
to remain at home in the cellar.

And so on the night, of Marty’s invite
the step-sisters primped and they preened.
They fussed and they flounced, and they rushed out the house.
Ella stayed home and she cleaned.

At about 8 o’clock on the door was a knock
and there stood a women in plum.
Why Ella my dear, it’s incredibly clear
you’re the image of your lovely mum!

Your mum was my friend, and I promised her when
the right occasion arose,
I would come and help out, and without a doubt
we should probably talk about clothes!

You see I worked at Vogue, so I’m quite in the know
about fashion and fabulous things.
Now let’s try this dress, shows you at your best,
and oh!  How about these earrings?!

Now these shoes are unique and look fab on your feet
and they fit you so perfectly well.
Ella’s eyes they were wide, “They’re amazing!” she cried.
But of course!  They’re vintage Chanel!

So she went to the bash, her outfit a smash,
and none of the kids recognised her!
Marty was hooked by her fabulous look,
but more by her wit and her fire.

In her haste to get home, Ella misplaced her phone,
but Marty found it on a seat.
He said to his mum, “I must find the thumb
that unlocks it!” and sent out a tweet: 

‘To the beautiful belle (in the vintage Chanel)
who are you?!  You’ve stolen my heart!
Please make yourself known!  Oh who owns this phone?’
And off on his search went young Mart.

Though many girls tried, most were denied
as the phone’s touch ID said ‘declined’.
But when Ella’s thumb, switched the phone on
Marty said, “Will you be mine?

The step-sisters jeered and the step-mother sneered
You don’t want to marry this girl.
She’s a cook and she cleans, she has no wealth or means
and she won’t fit into your world.

Marty just frowned, oh those people were foul,
all they cared for was status and money.
It’s about what’s inside you, your means don’t define you,
that mindset is what makes you ugly!

Many people are cooks or clean crannies and nooks,
there’s naught wrong with good honest jobs.
Ella, sweet-pea, will you please marry me?
And I’ll whisk you away from these snobs!

Well, everyone stopped, (you could hear a pin drop)
and then Ella responded to Marty,
“While I’m grateful to you, I just liked the shoes,
and wanted to go to a party!

It’s not much fun here, but in a few years
I’m heading to Uni to study.
There’s a big world to see, don’t you agree?
And until then, we can buddies?

While I think true love’s great, and I believe in soul-mates
marriage now would be a disaster!”
And so friendship they chose, and you know how it goes:
they all lived happily ever after.









© Baffled & the Button-Pusher 2016



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