She’s Not Good for a Girl, She’s Just Good!

There once was a girl with a head full of curls,
whose Daddy had taught her to throw.
Then a boy from school (a bit of a fool)
said, “Hang on, doesn’t she know?

Girls can’t throw!  The ones that I know
mess it up, or just drop the ball.
They hold it all wrong, and they’re not that strong,
so it doesn’t go that far at all.”

And then the girl, with a head full of curls,
said, “That’s not what my Daddy said!
I challenge you Fool, today after school.”
And the boy turned around and he fled!

The girl took chase, curls all over her face,
she could run as quick as a cheetah!
The boy was quite slow, and his face all a-glow 
said, “I simply can’t run one more metre!”

The boy yelled, “Stop!”, to his knees he did drop
and said, “Sorry that I was so mean.
Boy was I wrong, it seems that you’re strong.
Please will you play on my team?

So the girl met the team, and at first they were mean,
and they said, “You’re a girl you can’t play!”
But we know she was strong and she proved them all wrong,
and the team won day after day!

Then one day the girl with a head full of curls,
said, “I must go and have my curls coiffed.
There’s a party at eight, and I want to look great.”
Some boys laughed aloud, how they scoffed!

The girl said, eyes wide, “Why the surprise?
Gosh I think that’s really a pity.
Just because I can run and I think sport is fun,
doesn’t mean I don’t like to look pretty.

Oh it’s such a shame, I thought you’d all changed,
I thought that you now understood.”
“I do!” the boy cried, “And I’ll shout far and wide: 
she’s not good for a girl, she’s just good!”

girls are equal to boys








© Baffled & the Button-Pusher 2015



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