But It’s Mine!

There once was a girl with a head full of curls,
whose favourite word was ‘mine’.
From the moment she woke, whenever she spoke,
she would utter the very same line:

“That’s mine!” she would whine, all of the time,
regardless of what she had seen.
A toy, or a hat, a bike or a cat!
Her Mummy would then intervene:

“This isn’t yours, let’s not start a war,
it belongs to that child over there.
Let them have a turn.” her Mummy looked stern,
“This is called, learning to share.”

The girl she looked sad, and then she looked mad,
“But I need it.” she said with a huff.
“You’d like it,” said Mum, “and I know you feel glum:
learning to share can be tough.”

The girl was confused, she had always be used
to having her pick of the toys.
But now she was older her Mummy had told her
to share with the girls and the boys.

“But Mummy,” said she, “I just don’t agree!
What if I don’t want to share?
And if some other boy, goes off with my toy,
well that doesn’t seem very fair!”

The Mummy she smiled, and then she replied,
“You’re right, that seems a bit rude.
He may not know, or have never been told
that sharing’s a nice thing to do.

See we must be aware that some things aren’t fair,
and people can sometimes be mean.
There might be a boy who’ll reach for your toy,
but it doesn’t mean you make a scene.

Just stay calm, and tell him ‘no harm,
you can take your turn with my toy.’
You can show him the way, how it’s nicer to play,
rather than steal and annoy.

The girl shook her head, “But Mummy,” she said,
“I don’t want to share with a boy!”
She stuck out her lip, put her hands on her hips,
and declared, “Mine!  It’s my toy!”

The Mummy she sighed, and then rolled her eyes,
So she’d go through the whole thing again.
See toddlers take time, with the concept of ‘mine’.
And until then she’d just count to ten!



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