Surviving in the (Mother)hood

As I was spraying dry shampoo into my hair for the 4th day on the run last week, it struck me that I wouldn’t have got through the last 2 1/2 years of motherhood without it.  I always knew there wouldn’t be time for long soaks in aromatherapy bubble baths once my little Button-Pusher came along, but I had no idea that my hair and shampoo bottle would only meet about once a week.  Maybe twice if I was lucky.  So that can of dry shampoo was my new best friend.  It should be handed out to new mums in the delivery room: congratulations on the arrival of baby Mrs Baffled. And here’s your can of Batiste. 

It struck me that it’s not just my little Button-Pusher who can drive me crazy.  Simple things that I once took for granted, are now difficult to achieve with a toddler running around the house.  Not being able to wash and style my hair regularly? Yes, it’s just part of being a mum, but it’s pretty annoying all the same.  So that can of dry shampoo had become an essential part of my new mum world.  I started to wonder: what else had I found invaluable over the last 2 1/2 years?

1. A subscription to Pact Coffee

Read any parenting blog and you’ll know that coffee features heavily in the life of a mum or dad.  Sleep deprivation requires the counter balance of caffeine, and the thought of running out is an extra anxiety that no new parent needs to deal with.  Pact Coffee will deliver coffee beans or ground coffee, through your letterbox once a week.  Sadly they won’t come and make it for you.  Though I may suggest it to them as an add-on service.  I know tired parents of new-borns who would’ve remortgaged their house to pay someone to make them a coffee. 

2. Comfortable flat shoes and a coat with a hood

Now I’m not saying that style has to go out of the window once baba arrives but some things just make life a bit easier.  I was never a ‘coat with a hood’ person pre B-P, but we were walking outdoors come rain or shine for the first couple of years.  My little Button-Pusher decided that only napping in a moving pram was going to be her thing.  So my thing became put on appropriate clothing and walk mama, walk.  Ever tried to hold an umbrella up and push a pram against wind and rain?  I purchased a hooded mac quick smart and off we went.  And flat boots, sneakers, shoes: in-val-u-ble.  I take my hat off to any mum who carries on regardless in their beloved heels, but B-P and I walked marathons together before she was 2 and a selection of stylish but comfy flats got me through it.  If you’re looking for inspiration check out En Brogue.

3. A cross the body bag

Pre B-P I was a proper handbag girl.  Loved them.  Had a particular penchant for those fabulously gorgeous British made bags by the company who have a little (Mulberry) tree on their logo.  I would save and save, until there was enough to treat myself, and loved the selection process, the purchase and then the daily swinging of said new bag.  Loved them.  These days, it’s all about being hands free.  It requires approximately, ooo, 4-5 hands to keep a toddler under control, so given biology only affords us 2, taking one up holding a beautiful leather handbag is a real no-no.  So now, it’s all about the cross the body, hands free bag (albeit still courtesy of my favourite tree logoed brand).   Again, if you are a mum who is resolutely still carrying a gorgeous handbag:  I salute you.  But mine are in the wardrobe, in their little dust bags, just waiting to come out and be swung on an arm again. *sigh*

4. The aforementioned can of dry shampoo

Not much more to say about dry shampoo save for the fact that I really would not have got through the last 2 1/2 years without it.  I know there are other brands but I stick to my tried and tested Batiste.  And!  They do a dry shampoo with a hint of colour, so it can even help conceal re-growth as your roots start showing.  Amazing!  It really really should be handed out in delivery rooms.

So.  There’s my little list of invaluable items to recommend to all the new mums in your life.  

What would you add to the list?



2 thoughts on “Surviving in the (Mother)hood

  1. Once you’re doing the school run, and if you venture to two, or even maybe three (then you’ll have so many buttons pushed you simply will not believe how, looking back, one was so easy!), you’ll need a full set of waterproofs for the up to six preschool/school runs you have to do every day – then style truly becomes something that has absolutely nothing to do with you. I remember one mum who decided to stick at two and not go the extra step for humanity like I did looking at me in my waterproofs and saying sarcastically ‘Nice outfit’. It was hurtful…big sigh, then *deep breath* and carry on as you wipe the rain out of your eyes…. again 🙂


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