From Pusher with Love

There once was a girl with a head full of curls,
who’d developed an interesting skill.
With a look or a glance, or a sigh or a prance,
she could push Mummy’s buttons at will.

Well I say ‘at will’ but that takes some skill,
and even this Mummy knew:
when toddlers behave as toddlers behave,
it’s simply because they’re aged 2.

Now that fact aside, it was hard to hide
from the stresses of being a Mum.
When her buttons were pushed, her brain turned to mush,
and for this mum it wasn’t much fun.

See when you’re expecting, you’re often neglecting,
the books about when baba’s here.
You focus on squatting and birthing and breathing,
but these are not things you should fear.

Regardless of time, your babe will arrive
and just ask the thousands of mums:
whatever occurs, and how much it hurts,
it is nothing compared to what comes!

So baba arrived and this mum she did strive,
to be the best mum that she could.
The cuddles, the cries, the gurgles, the smiles,
those early days felt really good.

They’re not babies for long, and their will it grows strong,
as they process the world we live in.
Do what they want to do, oh the terrible twos!
And they wonder why Mummy likes gin!

And then one day you wake, and you think you might break,
’cause it suddenly feels really tough
Thinking it through, you knew you felt blue
And you’re sweating the really small stuff.

Though you love them to bits, it’s a battle of wits,
and the hardest thing you’ve ever done.
There are buttons to push, but they push them with love:
and it’s just part of being a mum.


2 thoughts on “From Pusher with Love

  1. Ahhhh this reminds me of all the poems and stories I’ve written about my three girls when they were little, and boy those were tough times…. yet so soon over and my middlest who was such a hard baby/toddler is such an amazing 12-year-old (though still tough to live with!). So incredibly headstrong, which you could tell from birth! I guess try not to dwell on how tough it is – you will get through this and soon enough look back and find you can’t remember all these times, even though you know they happened. I struggle to pinpoint some memories for my three as it was all a blur. Every night at bedtime feel blessed to have such a blessing in your life (and that’s not to say they don’t push you to extreme extremes!!) 🙂


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